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Artificial brain KYWe Almost Gave Up On Building Artificial Brains

Today artificial neural networks are making art, writing speeches, identifying faces and even driving cars. It feels as if we’re riding the wave of a novel technological era, but the current rise in neural networks is actually a renaissance of sort… READ MORE

CubaSo What Happened In Cuba?

U.S.-Cuban relations have taken an unusual turn after several U.S. diplomats, and at least one Canadian diplomat, experienced hearing damage after being targeted by a covert “sonic device” in Havana. Huh? A what? Is it some super sonic machine creating some high frequency sound waves… READ MORE

Tesla Semi release date CONFIRMED – Elon Musk calls ‘unreal’ new truck a ‘beast’

Tesla has confirmed it will release a new all-electric truck on October 26th in Hawthorne, California.Company CEO Elon Musk has described the upcoming Semi truck as a “beast”.In a tweet, Musk also described the Semi as “unreal” and confirmed that test drives would be taking place at the launch event in Hawthorne, in October….

CopierKyocera announces new “tiered” MPS service

The new service from Kyocera, noting that “as the pricing of color copiers continues to drop as the market brings new choices, it is necessary to keep the cost of ownership in check”. Addressing “what exactly is in a ‘click’ charge” in an MPS program, and how cost-per-page works, the site states that the metering is “used to determine the amount of money you are charged” READ MORE

Millennials struggling financially after graduating from university…millenial

There was a time when getting a university degree ensured that you would obtain a great, high paying job in your field of study immediately after graduating. That has certainly not been the case in the past several years.

small_excavatorAttachments To Help Grow Your Landscape Business

Increasingly, landscapers looking for new ways to grow their business are turning to compact utility loaders, also known as mini skid steers, to help them kick-start their efforts.Why a compact utility loader? Because its large and diverse number of attachments make it as versatile a machine as there is on the market. It’s also a productivity booster. READ MORE