5 Essential Call Tracking Metrics You Need to Know

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns play a vital role in a great many business’s online marketing strategies. Moreover, businesses that rely on telephone leads will also greatly benefit with PPC, and in turn they will greatly benefit by using call tracking.

However, call tracking is not simply about tracking all the inbound calls, and below are the top five metrics of call tracking that you must know.Image result for 5 Essential Call Tracking Metrics You Need to Know

How To Measure PPC Campaign Success

In general it is usually unnecessary to analyse phone calls without any leads. The measuring of your PPC success will only cover customers resulting from possible leads. Here are the basics steps that most marketers use to understand their numbers better:

First, add all the total PPC phone conversion over a certain period.Next, compare your budget to the actual money you spent during the same period. This is where Cost Per Lead comes into the picture.

Then, based on these numbers, decide where to focus and adjust. You may increase ads on a specific campaign that works. Similarly, you may decide to eliminate those that do not convert leads at all.

Finally, do this periodically and compare results. You can also use this data to check approximately when you can get a good return on investment (ROI).

Call Tracking Metrics

According to unbounce, you need to focus on the following.

1.Keywords That Drive Inbound Calls

Online conversions make it easy to track which keywords drive them. Form submissions also make it possible. However, how can you check conversions made through a phone call? If you’re dealing with a business that generates a lot of phone calls, keywords are all that matter.

These are the keywords that convince your audience to call you. As a result, you can easily focus on these keywords and forgo those that don’t do well. In addition, it will also enhance the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

2.Ads Vs Landing Page Performance

Online marketing activities belong to two major elements – Ads and Landing Pages. As a professional marketer, you need to monitor which of these is performing better? Are your customers clicking your ads or did they reach your website through landing pages? This information will help you make the necessary adjustment to make your campaign more effective.

3.Geographical Location

Even though you’re doing business online, location is still crucial. However, you need to determine where most of your leads come from. You will track where your ads working and where they’re not.

As a result, you can devise strategies to help drive more traffic. For example, you can decrease advertising in areas that don’t generate leads. Through this, you’re not only helping to ‘qualify’ the visitors, but you will also save unnecessary spend.

4.Duration and Quality of Calls

Generally speaking, the longer the calls, the better the quality. However, it’s not true all the time. Hence, recording only the length of a call is not enough. You also need to get the details by listening to the call and determine the quality.

This method allows you to know what really drives customers to call you and you can make adjustments accordingly.

5.User Demographics

Understanding your customers will help you understand your market more. Therefore it is important to know the demographic of your audience.

For example, are your ads more effective for men or for women? Do the ads attract more mature adults than younger ones? More importantly, you may need to know if your ads come from mobile or desktop users.

Understanding the type of device that your customers use will also help you to make the necessary strategic adjustments.


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