A Guide on How to Move Homes with Kids

A Guide on How to Move Homes with Kids

You aren’t the only one moving home in 2017, our very own royals are as well. It has been reported that Prince William and Princess Kate are planning on moving from their Norfolk home which they have been living in for numerous years. The royals with their two young children plan on moving to Kensington Palace which they have recently had refurbished costing £4.5 million. If you’re like the royals and plan on moving with young children, then don’t worry because we have tips which can help you and also ensure that your move is stress-free and successful.

Advice on Moving Homes with Kids

  • It can be helpful if you show the kids the new home before you move so that they can familiarise themselves with the house and even pick which bedrooms they want – not only will this make the kids feel involved but also will help on the moving day.
  • Show them places where they could possibly play out, for example any local parks or grassy areas nearby.
  • To keep the kids occupied why not let them decorate the boxes for moving house.This is great as they can label what is in each box and draw on what room is needed to be unpacked in. This way you can save time when unpacking and keep the kids occupied when you’re loading the transit vehicle.
  • It could be extremely useful if you ask your family or friends to help out with the kids. This way you can keep the children out of the way when moving, meaning you’re saving time when moving.
  • However, if you decide that it’s best for your kids to help you on the moving day then we advise you to pack a box of their favourite toys, books and food, not only will this help as they won’t need to pester you whilst you move but will also make them feel involved in the moving process.
  • Decluttering their rooms can be a huge help to the moving process. Do they really need that toy they haven’t used for over a year? The answer is no. It can be useful to go through the rooms with them and ask them for their opinions on what they don’t use anymore. Not only will it save time when packing the removal boxes but also when unpacking into your new home.
  • It has been said that one useful way to keep your kids occupied is to unpack and set their bedrooms up first, this way they can play in their rooms whilst you sort the rest of the house out.

So get packing and get moving because your new home awaits!

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