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Business Rate Rise in Scotland Will Be Capped at 12.5pc

A cap of 12.5% on rises in business rates for hospitality and tourism businesses based in Scotland has been warmly received by the BHA (the British Hospitality Association). Image Credit

Why Do You Need A Melbourne Work Injury Lawyer

Did you recently slip and fall at work? Were you involved in an accident at work that has resulted in a lot of medical expenses? Well, you need to make

Pharma Industry Concerned About Trump’s Push to Radically Change FDA

There have been lots of changes and many people have been worried about the new President’s approach to government. In fact, Mr Trump has been looking to radically change the

How to Get the Best of Head Hunters

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you succeed in your pursuit of the best financial advisor jobs is to ensure that you have a good relationship with financial


Before you enter into your next networking event, business meeting, presentation, or make that next sales call, ask yourself “what’s going to define my outcome”. Those initial interactions with someone

Fridge and Freezer Trailer Rental

Do you need fridge trailer hire or freezer trailer rental facilities for your outdoor event? You may not have considered the matter yet if there are several months before the

Millennials struggling financially after graduating from university

There was a time when getting a university degree ensured that you would obtain a great, high paying job in your field of study immediately after graduating. That has certainly

Kinerase Reviews – Important Information Before You Buy Kinerase

Are you looking for a product that will help to stop aging? Kinerase is an anti-aging cream that may just work for you and is currently on the market for

Calculating your PPI Claim Accurately Online

The best things about the internet is that it provides an avenue for people to find answers to questions and solutions to issues they are facing. This is primarily timely

How to Create a Webinar

If you are successful at blogging, then it’s time to take it to the next level.  In fact, your audience is actually waiting for you to expound on what you