Benefits of Immigration lawyers and immigration consultants

 Benefits of Immigration lawyers and immigration consultants

Many people immigrating to Canada wonder if it is possible to apply for Canadian permanent residency without hiring a immigration lawyer or immigration consultant. When in fact there is no rules which say a candidate must hire a consultant or lawyer to successfully apply for Canadian permanent residency. Many candidates apply and succeed on their own, others will run into trouble and be delayed or rejected. The government encourages candidates to apply without a lawyer or consultant, but a good representative will protect an applicants rights. This is very important due to the fact that the application is a timely as well as costly process. The last thing an applicant wants is to spend a year of his time and money and then get refused because a portion of the document was not fill out properly.

A consultant in here to give the candidate advice, and help. They are the ones here to help stream line the process, by having important contacts in the immigration services. They will also make sure that all your document will be filled out properly, helping the applicant have the best chance possible.Image result for Benefits of Immigration lawyers and immigration consultants

Immigration lawyers on the other hand are licensed to perform legal functions. These include such things as drafting legal documents for the applicant, interpreting and applying laws, giving legal advice, as well as representing clients in court. The practice of law is regulated by each province. This means a immigration lawyer must have the following credentials. They must have a bachelor of law degree from a recognized university, a law admission examination, as well as be training under practicing lawyer. The conduct of lawyers in Canada is regulated by the professional order of lawyers (POL). The rules of the POL that these lawyers must abide by are as follows: separate trust bank account for client fees, obligations of lawyer towards clients, and performance of mandates. Breaking any of these rules can result in the loss or suspension of a lawyer’s license. Also anyone charging a fee to give advice on immigration must be a member of one of the following: Provincial or territorial law society, chamber of notaries of Québec, and immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC). If it happens that a client is not happy with the lawyer they can raise a formal complaint with the POL which ensures that the applicant gets the very best service.

When looking at it as a whole, having an immigration lawyer and a immigration consultant is a must. Having the ability to stream line the process with a consultants contacts help the applicant immensely. On the other hand with help from a lawyer will ensure that you are meeting every legal requirement that the Canadian government has put in place

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