Brush Twice a Day Keeps Dentist Away

Brush Twice a Day Keeps Dentist Away

When was the last time you went to your local dentist for your dental check-up? Never bothered about your oral hygiene, right? Well, it’s not just you; there are many people like you. The index poll recently conducted by the Gallup-Health ways revealed that it’s been more than 12 months for 50% of the American population since they last went to their dentist for a check-up. Not maintaining your dental hygiene not only puts you at the risk of cavities but also increases the probability of causing heart diseases, respiratory problems, strokes, and much more.

Do healthy teeth ensure a healthy heart?

You brush your teeth daily? Floss alternate days? Follow your dentist’s commandments? Kudos! You have a healthy heart in addition to your healthy mouth. You must be thinking what this means, right? Well, a recent research found some surprising links between the state of your heart and your mouth. They found that people having gum problems, be it gingivitis or simple inflammation below the gum line, were prone to heart-related diseases. Another study of 320 adults (half of them having heart diseases) indicated that they were found prone to gum problems or oral hygiene issues.Image result for Brush Twice a Day Keeps Dentist Away

So what does this mean to you?

Are you odontophobic?

Did a painful past experience give you a fear of visiting dentist? Or do you fear of hearing some bad news about your dental health care? Whatever be the reason, don’t consider yourself alone – many of us suffer from odontophobia (fear of visiting dentist). About 65% of the world population is suffering from odontophobia. The reasons can be anything but the most general causes are:-

1) Cost – High check-up prices are one of the main reasons for people skipping dentist appointments. A recent survey revealed 44% people avoid the dentist because they don’t have their dental insurance. The truth is if you take good care of your teeth and mouth, your yearly dentist visits won’t cost you a lot of money.

2) Fear of dental work – Many people just avoid dental work, considering it is a simple problem which drags them more inside the pit. Having this kind of attitude could be painful in the long run.

3) Fears of instruments – People generally fear the scary dental instruments. They think that it might hurt them very badly but this is not the case today. There have been so many advances in dental care that the types of equipment used nowadays cause a little or no discomfort and noise.

4) Fear of being lectured – No one likes being lectured. People usually skip dentist appointments because they prefer not to hear anything from a person how he has himself ruined his oral hygiene or how dirty he is when dental hygiene is considered. No matter what it’s only for your benefit; take a step back, improve your oral hygiene, and live your life happily.

6 Ways to Make Your Next Dentist Appointment a Happy One

1) Relax before your visit – There are a lot of ways to relax. Do a little meditation or breathe deeply 20-30 times or go for a nice walk. If none of these works, listen to calm music which is the best way to calm your mind.

2) Arrive early to your appointment – Leaving and coming early would help a person to prevent excess stress that he/she can feel while sitting at the clinic.

3) Bring items that make you more comfortable – Bring your favourite book or toy that makes you happy; this will make you more comfortable.

4) Communicate with your dentist – Good counselling can do miracles, so do not avoid conversation with the dentist.

5) Remember why you are present there – Your only aim is to make yourself better, so utilise the chance aptly.

6)    Stay diligent while brushing or flossing – Enjoying what you do can no longer appear a task performed as a part of duty.

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Frank Spark picks the essential aspects of sustaining your oral hygiene. When the approach is simple and consistent, you can remarkably reduce the number of visits to a dentist.

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