Compelling Reasons Every Business Should Use Gmail

Compelling Reasons Every Business Should Use Gmail

Gmail, which is Google’s online email service, provides a host of benefits and features that other email providers such as AOL do not offer.

Even paid subscriptions to Microsoft Office, Slack or Outlook pale when compared to the features available to you from Google. Whether you use the free version of Gmail or decide to pay for extra features available in G Suite your business can benefit. Below are some of the reasons why your business should begin using Gmail.

You can use regular Gmail at no cost, while upgrading to a G Suite account will start out costing you only $5 a month. Now that is some real value. Gmail messages are encrypted. This ensures the highest level of security and protects your messages against hackers and data breaches.

Okay, so its free and secure but is it reliable enough for your business? Google’s Gmail is one of the most reliable email services you can use. It is available 99.9 percent of the time and is never down for scheduled maintenance. G Suite customers also get access to 24/7 customer and tech support.

Gmail is also advantageous from a marketing standpoint. You can create an email account that his info@yourbusinessdomainname. This makes it easy for customers to contact you and recognize who they are contacting. In G Suite you can replace the Google logo with your own company logo to increase your branding outreach.

Gmail also offers a lot of communication and collaboration tools. You can have video meetings with multiple people at a time through Gmail. There is also a real time chat feature and you can collaborate on documents with or without internet access. Another great collaboration tool for businesses is the ability to use shared calendars to see when you can set up a meeting with a colleague.

These are just some of the numerous features and conveniences that Gmail provides to businesses. Switching over to Gmail can help you collaborate more effectively, organize your emails and secure you data. It is free, or for a few bucks a month you can add a whole suit of professional services.

18 reasons why every company should use Gmail

18 reasons why every company should use Gmail, courtesy of CloudMigrator


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