Corporate Hospitality Is a Sound Investment

Corporate Hospitality Is a Sound Investment

Corporate hospitality is an integral marketing tool and it helps to strengthen relationships between clients and suppliers or service providers. If you want to win that contract you should make a small investment which delivers huge dividends.

At the 2015 Rugby World Cup 80% of the business leaders questioned were confident in the power of corporate hospitality as a marketing tool.

Corporate hospitality is worth approximately £1.2 billon to the UK.

Maybe you believe that corporate hospitality at sports events is a waste of money, that the guest will simply lap up the attention and the opportunity and you’ll never see them again. Not so.

The positive effects of corporate hospitality have led to many contracts being signed.

When you host a client with a corporate hospitality package from one of the leading event companies you are taking them out of the work environment, doing something enjoyable and letting them know that they are special. Face to face interaction is invaluable.

Taking them to a restaurant may seem like a sufficient thank you but will it set you ahead of your competitors?

  • Business contact 1 chatted with the client and found out that they were keen on tennis. The client has given them several thousands of pounds’ worth of business and a corporate hospitality thank you at Wimbledon or the Aegon Championships will communicate gratitude and strengthen the relationship. As you are both away from the work environment you can get to know one another as friends without e-mails, phone calls and meetings demanding attention.
  • Business contact 2 decided that as grateful as they are for the client’s business that they would take them to a restaurant around the corner for lunch because time is money. A meal takes a couple of hours, job done. Of course, they may need to run back to the office or take calls on their mobile but that’s part of being a business leader, isn’t it?

Which contact would you give your next contract to if you were the client?

Sports events include cricket one day internationals, formula 1, the Open at Birkdale, football matches, rugby tournaments and race days.

Whichever sport your guest is interested in they can enjoy state of the art facilities, the best seats, refreshments, signed photographs, meet their heroes…the list of possibilities is almost endless.

Here’s a Royal Ascot example costing from £350:

Private Chalet

  • Grandstand admission.
  • Pimm’s No1 drinks reception.
  • Four course lunch.
  • Cheese, dessert and afternoon tea, buffet style.
  • Complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks bar throughout the day.
  • Racecard.
  • Royal Ascot magazine.
  • Racing newspapers.
  • Betting facilities.
  • Hostess service.
  • Television viewing.
  • One car park label per couple.

West End shows, ballet, opera, flower shows, food and drink festivals and bespoke events are equally catered for by event companies.

A corporate hospitality package of £500 from a firm like DTB Sports and Events costs a fraction of the profit you make from building business relationships.

Make your wisest investment today and reap the rewards.

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