E- Accounting And It Is Practical Approach Benefits Leaner

by Jessica Granville | June 15, 2016 2:54 pm

Today lets discuss what’s E accounting and it is application in the industry world and why individuals the organization give immense value to accountants nowadays than ever before. In past accountants job was restricted to mere book keeping and record maintenance, these were neck deep involve and also have very little time to examine and analyse the information kept in the books of accounts, manual calculation and posting made the job boring and time intensive.


However with the arrival of technology inside it sectors various software were developed and accounting area also got such a lease of existence, job of accountant grew to become smart, efficient and much more demanding after the development of “E Accounting” concept in the realm of Accounting. A lot of companies began software and application big and small simple and easy , complicated applications were produced by engineers with the aid of accounting professionals, the fundamental objective for such advancement was to pay attention to growing efficiency zero duplicity, precision and fewer burden around the shoulders of accountants.


After the development of software and application by various software companies, many business houses locate them very helpful and fascinating , they began applying them within their business functions, organization found them really simple and efficient, many were easy to use yet others weren’t so, though time individuals who were unable deliver as much as industry demand simply disappeared. Idea of E Accounting developed using the development of software industry and it is meaning altered when internet came to the picture. Many internet based application were introduced, presently there would be a have to connect the program application with exterior spreadsheets, emails, more complicated work was based upon such software, many organization began demanding for multiuser solutions, focusing on lan in addition to wide area network, business accounting information would travel in one PC to a different PC with the aid of LAN and WAN, multiple locations were interconnected and accounting data joined at one place was processed and recorded at other location, being able to access reports through website and internet made the job much simple, simple and easy , accurate.

Large organization were benefited using the creation of E Accounting concept , since crucial management decision s were taken with much ease as well as on time, time gap between reporting system got reduced, managers grew to become largely based mostly on the function of accountants, and individuals who weren’t sought after all of a sudden become supply of information, status improved and thus because the salaries work culture and work responsibilities altered drastically, all of this due to E Accounting

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