Effective Motivation Techniques For Your Telesales Team

Effective Motivation Techniques For Your Telesales Team

 The way to get more sales and profits flowing through your business is to set goals for your telesales team. You have to commit to these goals to become successful.

Here are some key ways to motivate your team so they can become more successful.

  1. What motivates your team? – Every person has their own unique motivating factor. Financial gain may drive one team member, while another might be motivated by praise. Take some time out to discover what motivates each individual member of your team. This way, you can tailor their rewards specifically to them.
  1. Be consistent and keep your vision clear – You know what your expectations of your team are, but have you shared it with them? Do they know the goals you’ve set for yourself as well? Being consistent can help maintain a higher level of excellence within your team.Image result for Effective Motivation Techniques For Your Telesales Team
  1. Have faith in your team – Try not to step in too much, as it can severely damage the team dynamic. Let your team work in their assigned roles, and give them more responsibility to build on their skills. This will empower them, and make them work harder to achieve more sales.
  1. Make sure your team can succeed – We all have to overcome issues and problems at work every day. But when this happens in your business, it’s time to prove your worth. If your team doesn’t have the right training on a specific part of telesales, get them some telephone sales coaching A great telesales coach to look at if you are in the London area is Simon Kenna. All of his training is in-house, or you could take your team along to one of his seminars.
  1. Evaluate success on a regular basis – Catching problems of falling behind early makes sure those sales continue to roll in. Don’t wait to speak to your team about their achievements until the end of the year. It’s not difficult to give your team that extra bit of attention, and it can give them a much needed boost of happiness and morale.

The best way to make sure your team is staying motivated is to give them feedback as often as possible. Make sure there is a healthy dynamic between your staff, and your sales will skyrocket.

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