Effective ways to promote your YouTube channel

Effective ways to promote your YouTube channel

As all of you know YouTube is quite popular among users and many people make this platform to earn money through their YouTube channel. YouTube pays money for unique video contents which is normally depends upon the number of views and subscriber of the channel. If you want to make your own channel and get more views then you must think about how to make your channel more popular and unique? How you can attract viewers towards your channel and video? And how you can promote your channel effectively through YouTube? If you can find all these questions’ answer then it should be quite easier for you to promote your channel and get more popularity. Here I am going to say some useful tips by which you can easily promote your channel effectively.

Create awesome Titles:

Some awesome video titles most of the time attracts customers so you need to create some best title according to your video content for your YouTube channel. The title must be short, attractive and to the point. Title must be descriptive and include keyword. A good title is always the first step to attract audience towards your video so it’s quite important to make a short and beautiful Title. This is the basic step to promote your YouTube.

Video SEO (search engine optimization):

If you want to get more views to your uploaded videos then you need to optimize your YouTube channel. This is an important step and you have to add relevant phrases and keywords to your video so that it can easily find out in Google search. This is very helpful because when people search anything in Google which is related to your video topic then they will find your video there. You can place these keywords in the description, file name or title. Always remember one thing don’t optimize too many because that will not work in real.


This is one of the most interesting ways to promote your channel. Normally people like contests. So it’s a better idea to setting up a contest through your channel to attract viewers towards your YouTube channel. You can keep a good prize for sharing videos on social media, or subscribe your channel or leave comment on your video.

There are some other ways like blog commenting, sticker marketing, sharing on Google plus community through which you can promote your YouTube channel more effectively.

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