Feeling the Squeeze? How to Find a Bigger Office for Your Startup

Feeling the Squeeze? How to Find a Bigger Office for Your Startup

It is not uncommon for businesses to grow out of home-based operations. After all, not everybody starts with the ambition to become the next Bill Gates. Some companies are born out of a personal hobby or interest, rather than a desire to make money. Others were initially designed to provide a second income, but their owners did not expect the idea to go far.

Success in the business world is not always the starting point, but talented entrepreneurs do not hesitate to seize the day and exploit opportunities. It is how many of the richest executives went on to become millionaires. What it does require, however, is a willingness to expand and give the company plenty of room to grow when the time comes.

Keep reading for more tips and advice on how to relocate your startup to a bigger, better-equipped workspace.

Location, Location, Location

Don’t just rush in head first and pick a location without considering its practical implications. Just being fond of a particular area is not sufficient. It has to offer the right things. They will be different for every business, so identify your needs. Where is your market? Should you position yourself close to the airport, in the heart of the retail district, or among the bigger financial players?

With virtual and serviced office solutions, you are free to make a perfect choice. While it might seem like a spot in the centre of town, with a prestigious address, is out of your budget, a shared facility makes it affordable. You get to access the same resources as you would in a conventional office space. The main difference is that you are accessing them in a collaborative environment. Visit www.servcorp.co.th/en/ to find out more.

The Right Amount of Space

One of the biggest dangers associated with long-term leases is the inability to grow. Think about it. You are a new business, so the focus is on controlling overheads and surviving the tricky first year. Splashing out on a lavish office is not always possible, but you also don’t want to condemn your company to a ‘starter’ home.

There needs to be room to breathe and, with a serviced facility, you can tweak your terms. For instance, the serviced offices in Bangkok combine corporate prestige with flexible, adaptable packages. You can move into a modest sized workspace in the Park Ventures Ecoplex or the Offices at Centralworld, with a view to upgrading when progress is healthy.

A Long List of Amenities

The services that come top of your list will depend on what your business needs to take it to the next level. For instance, tech ventures can probably afford to compromise on some features, but never connectivity and the quality of onsite hardware. Similarly, companies which liaise with clients and investors need to think about their requirements too.

Everything from private parking to the artwork on your walls is negotiable in a serviced office. They come in furnished and unfurnished packages, so you do not have to start from scratch. Your team could move into a fully equipped, ready to go workspace within a day or two of signing a short-term lease. If you do choose to go private (serviced), check that the HVAC system is of a high quality and that it is routinely serviced.

The Importance of Agility and Independence

The beauty of flexible office solutions is that they do not try to take independence away from businesses, as long-term leases do. These providers understand that nothing is absolute, especially where it comes to commerce. Sometimes, a big up or downgrade is not planned for years in advance. It is a timely response to market conditions, and it could mean the difference between survival and failure. So, agility should be a top priority for your burgeoning startup.


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