For Professional Camp Buildings Choose Prefabricated Construction

For Professional Camp Buildings Choose Prefabricated Construction


A temporary headquarters prefabricated construction is widely preferred in camp buildings. Although they are not permanent they must include all the facilities of a normal living quarter. Refugee problem is growing as wars are continuing. Prefabrik Yapı provides prefabricated camp buildings with all the needed facilities in it and we do it as fast as possible. In the camp buildings we construct there are dining halls, dormitories, offices, WC-shower units, mosques, social facilities, storage-hangars, public housings etc. Prefabrik Yapi may also customize your projects according to your specific needs. With a professional approach and hard work, our staff of engineer and architect prepares the best project and construct the best camp building that will suit your needs. In today’s world prefabrication is a technology that is increasingly preferred and camp buildings are the buildings that are mostly done using prefabrication as they are mostly temporary living areas and mostly needed to be transported to other places. Today countries look for mobile solutions for the people who they host and these solutions have to be cheap. We provide exactly what they need. Fast, economical and stable solutions are only possible with experienced and professional prefabrication projects. 3

Camp Building solutions for Different Requirements by Prefabrik Yapi

As the refugee problem is growing bigger and faster this need also grows bigger.  All you have to do is to call Prefabrik Yapı and inform about all the details. Prefabrik Yapi shall provide a complete solution that you will be highly satisfied. Our experienced and professional engineer and architects team work hard and with high cooperation to carry out the best solution for you. Don’t ever hesitate to ask about anything that you can’t find in our website. In our website you can find the information about our services and on the contact page you can find our contact information. We will be pleased to communicate with you on your prefabricated building needs. Our professional employers will help in the most professional and kind way.

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