How to Get the Best of Head Hunters

How to Get the Best of Head Hunters

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you succeed in your pursuit of the best financial advisor jobs is to ensure that you have a good relationship with financial advisor recruiting firms. Whether you are in the market right now trying to engage recruiters or you are just testing the waters, the truth of the matter is that financial advisor recruiters have a very special ling between you and your career development in future. However, you want to remember that the primary objective of a head hunter Chicago is to fill any positions that have been entrusted to them by their clients which are the companies that pay their fees. The following factors will ensure that you have a mutually beneficial relationship:

Get a specialist: While there are plenty of financial advisor recruiting firms out there, very few of them are actually specialist companies. You want to ensure that you are dealing with a company that is truly specialized in recruiting financial advisors; take the time to know the background of any recruiters before you can engage with them. There are specializations in different industries as well as functions within the industry; there is no harm asking your potential financial services recruiter what their specialization is.

Full disclosure: It is important for you to be honest and up front with regards to what you are doing currently as well as your former employment situation. There are people who lie that they are currently employed even when they are not; when the head hunter Chicago finally discovers that you lied to them it could damage your relationship beyond repair. The same applies to other things such as job history and earnings all of which have a special bearing in getting stock broker jobs; the financial advisor recruiter is vouching for you to their client and their credibility will be impacted by your own which is why they don’t take dishonesty lightly.

Be enthusiastic: Chicago financial recruiters may be independent entities but the truth is that they are sort of extensions of the company on whose behalf they are recruiting financial advisors. Apart from looking at your academic and other qualifications, they will also be evaluating you on behalf of their client who is your future employer. This means therefore that the first impression the recruiter makes of you is extremely important. When you present yourself with excitement and enthusiasm to financial advisor recruiting firms they have a positive view of you as an individual. You also want to remember that Chicago finance recruiters usually get many engagements but in most cases one at a time with different Chicago financial advisors. While you may think that they are evaluating you only for the current position or company they called you about, they could also potentially consider you for other positions.


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