Keeping your iPhone Running for Longer without Customer Support

Keeping your iPhone Running for Longer without Customer Support

iPhones may be the most popular smart phones on the market; however, they do seem to run low on battery life quite quickly. In fact, I’m yet to meet an iPhone user who hasn’t encountered problems after a year or two of use. Fortunately there are a few tips and tricks I have discovered that allow you to preserve your battery life, so that you don’t need to constantly charge your phone or spend time calling customer support.

Delete Unwanted Apps

Having unused apps on your phone is just one way of wasting space and using up your phones charge. You may not realise it but many apps run in the background and are constantly draining your phone and eating away at your Internet. Press the call button on your phone and you’ll be able to see any open apps and web pages that can be swiped away – close them down.Image result for Keeping your iPhone Running for Longer without Customer Support

Alternatively you can go into Settings, then Battery and see which apps are using up the most power. I found that it was easy enough to delete these programs. However downloading a free battery enhancing app helped even further to optimise the settings for maximum energy efficiency without resorting to power saving mode.

Beware the Cold

Living in England isn’t so bad when it comes to the cold weather; however, if you do have a spell where temperatures drop or you visit a chilly country then try to buy an insulating case for your phone. Woolen sock covers work well and they help to protect it from damage as well. Low temperatures actually drain the battery life of your phone, and so you can go from 50 percent one minute to nothing the next.

Turn Off Auto Updates

Auto updates may be useful some of the time but if you’re afraid of wasting your 4G package each month and don’t want your phone to be processing data all the time then turn it off. If your phone is constantly working then it will use up precious power, this is why turning the phone screen off or setting a time limit before it goes into standby mode will make such a difference to your battery. This can be accessed in the General Settings option under Screen-Lock.

Some of these tips may seem really simple, but those of you who aren’t particularly great with phones may be relieved that you can do a little bit of home maintenance before contacting your phone companies customer support.

If, however, you do run into issues that can’t be sorted with these little tricks, try looking up the number for the department you need in an online directory. Most won’t advertise their telephone support lines publicly. For example, when I called my provider, Sky, about my iPhone issues I was told that I had to go through online channels. However, I managed to find the sky contact number on a directory and got right through without any hassle.

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