Learn How to Keep Your Tradeshow Leads Alive

Learn How to Keep Your Tradeshow Leads Alive

Lead generation is one of the primary reasons why businesses participate in trade shows. But it is sad to note that most businesses manage to collect a good number of leads, only for the leads to slip away before they could turn into sales. This is so disheartening considering that tradeshows are very expensive to participate in. Here are a few tactics you can employ to keep your tradeshow leads from slipping away after the event:

Concentrate on knowing more about the lead and what they really want

While interacting with the lead, learn to ask more qualifying questions and make notes as you interact. It won’t be possible for you to remember the details of each conversation you had with each respective lead, hence the need to make notes. In this manner, it will be possible for you to make customized follow ups and increase the chances of turning them into sales.

Make the first follow up timely and appropriate

Don’t wait for God knows how long before you make the first follow up after the tradeshow. In the follow up, reference the show name and what you talked about when they were at your booth. If you made them any promises, be sure to fulfill them and then leave them with one specific call to action. This can be to visit a website, call a number, watch a video, download a free report etc.

Have a plan for ongoing lead nurturing

You should know most sales are usually made after the first 7 contacts with the lead, and in some cases, it may take more. This calls for a lead nurturing plan. Regarding your plan, do not aim to be a salesman, but someone who is there to offer tips and solutions aimed at helping the need to solve a pressing problem.

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