Lessons to Avoidthe Monday Broken Industrial Blade Blues

Lessons to Avoidthe Monday Broken Industrial Blade Blues

Unfortunately, this happens far more frequent than it should at businesses that utilize industrial knives and blades as part of their industrial process – part of operationsshuts down because of a broken or dul lindustrial knife or blade.  Some call this the “Monday Broken Blade Blues” because it often happens on the first day of the work week.  Organizations can avoid these situations by ensuring replacement blades are at the ready when a blade breaks or has become dull.

No matter if the focus of your business is industrial processing of food, wood, plastics, or metals, a broken or dull blade will cause unnecessarydowntime or inefficiency in production. Having just a blade supplier is not enough. It is also critical to maintain a relationship with a strong industrial blade partner, like Accu-Grind of New England, which can help manage blade inventories so that replacement blades are readily available. When selecting an industrial blade partner–it is important to make sure they deliver an OEM-qualitymanufacturing and industrial knife sharpening program for all industrial knives and blades you have in production. Also, ensure all blade related work is performed by a staff of highly skilled CNC operators to ensure all your industrial knives are cut, blanked, heat-treated, and precision ground to exacting standards and high tolerances. It is also important that they maintain inventory management programs that deliver fast turn-around on blade orders.

Successful industrial companies recognize that downtime from broken or poorly performing blades is unacceptable and can have a significant negative impact on the business. Companies that could suffer harm from broken blades should look to a partner that provides blade inventory management services available for customers including quick order turnaround, expedited product delivery and special inventory stocking programs to ensure replacement blades are readily available.

As with selecting any business partner, folks that use industrial blades should answer the important question “will my industrial blade partner meet all of my business requirements”? No doubt, the requirements of each business will differ, however,five common, but extremely important considerations include: Does the partner sell and service high-quality blade products across all of the equipment used by my business? 2. Does the partner offer sharpening services that meet all of the technical specifications of the business and equipment in use? 3. Does the partner have the appropriate on-staff resources to ensure timely production and delivery of industrial blade products and services? 4. Does the partner provide customized business services to ensure availability and inventory of replacement blades to minimize downtime? 5. Does the partner provide all of the above at a reasonable cost?

Accu-Grind’s mission, as a partner with you, is to help make your business operate as efficiently as possible by meeting or exceeding requirements in these areas.  When customers are successful, we successful. We do that primarily via the delivery of high-quality blades, knives, and innovative products and services; all sharpened using state-of-the-art industrial blade sharpening equipment.

Don’t suffer from the Monday morning broken blade blues. Join the 1000’s of companies that have discovered that working with an effective industrial blade partner to deliver the highest quality blade finishes sharpened to exact toleranceswill improve overall manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime, and in the end increase profits.Accu-Grind of New England offers our customers cost effective OEM quality industrial blade manufacturing and sharpening services.

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