Make the Most of Your Disposable Income

Make the Most of Your Disposable Income

Having disposable is all well and good, but are you putting it to good use? Everyone is guilty of frittering away money unnecessarily when often it could be put to better use. Investing money to make a profit can be a healthy and exciting way to spend extra income. Here are some investing options.


Forex is the foreign exchange, and investing in this market involves buying and selling currency to make a profit. With currency values constantly fluctuating, it can be an exciting venture and potentially profitable should your purchased currency rise in value. Most people trade forex using brokers such as FxPro, and it is possible to trade in most global currencies.

It is important to note that this is a fast paced market which is always changing, and currency values can be affected by a number of factors, such as political events. Profit is not guaranteed, and this investment method is for those who like a challenge and can adapt to an ever shifting market.

Stocks and Shares

Investing your money in stocks and shares is similar to trading forex. Essentially, you put your money into the shares of a company on the premise that their value will rise. It is important to research the company you invest in, as it is often their performance which determines the value of their stocks and shares.

This can be a waiting game, and requires patience and the will to manage investments wisely. Use logic rather than emotion when deciding where to invest money, and know that you can never predict market movements with absolute accuracy. As with trading forex, get to know the basics with small investments before piling money into this form of trading.


Standing for Individual Saving Account, an ISA differs from the first two investment methods in that it involves far less risk. This means that profits are lower, but this is a form of long term investment in which you put your money away and leave it to grow.

ISAs are for people who do not want to constantly manage their investments, and are a safe and secure way of using disposable income. One major benefit is that they are free of tax, meaning you receive all profits made.

These are just some of the many areas of investment you can consider when wondering what to do with extra income. From the fast paced excitement of trading forex to slow and steady ISAs, think about which would best suit you and research further.

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