Making sure people know about your dental office

Making sure people know about your dental office

How would you expect a person to discover your dental office? This is not a question that many dentists ask themselves; they are usually more focused on other things, and leave marketing their dental office completely alone, but this is a mistake. Making sure that people in your local area – and slightly beyond – are going to be able to find you is really crucial to the way that your business develops, and if you are not making an effort to be found, then you could easily find that potential patients just don’t bother with you.

Making sure that people know about your dental office, however, is not that complicated – all you have to do is follow these tips, and you’ll soon find yourself being introduced to new customers every week!

  1. Get a website

A huge percentage of searches for new businesses or health practitioners are done online, and if you are not there, you immediately remove yourself from the majority of the market. It is essential to have a fully functioning and professional looking website, with all the details of where you are and what you do. You should also keep this up to date with all of the latest treatments and diagnostic tools (such as painless  filling laser detection), so that people can trust you to be at the forefront of the dentistry world.

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  1. Use a contact form

This is usually on your website, and is a simple way for someone to get in touch with you. All they should need to put in is their name, email address, phone number, and query – and you should always, absolutely always reply. There is no point in having it if you cannot commit to answering people’s messages, and you’ll quickly find that when you do, they are much more likely to trust you.

  1. Check Google Maps

If your dental office is not on Google Maps, then you are missing a trick; and thankfully it is really easy to be able to add something onto Google Maps now. Just go to the street where your dental office is located, click on that spot, and then choose ‘add a label’ from the choices on the left hand side. As soon as you can, link that spot to your website, and you’ll start to see your website traffic and the footfall for your dental office increase.

  1. Make friends with your neighbours

It may sound daft, but in some cases a person may decide to go somewhere, not be able to find it, and then ask someone else – and if the other local businesses around your dental office do not know you, or where you are, they will not be able to prod people in your direction. Making friends with your neighbours makes good business sense, and should be a priority for you.

  1. Introduce a referral scheme

This is the perfect way to make use of the patients that you already have, and to encourage them to tell other people of the great experiences that they have had at your dental office. By offering your current customers a discount on their next visit if they bring a friend, you will find that the spread of word of mouth will start to increase, and you’ll see a lot more new faces.

These five tips may not seem overly complicated, but you would be amazed at how many people, regardless of business type, just simply aren’t following them. With thanks to Dr Paige Woods for speaking to us about the different ways that she has encouraged more new patients to join her dental office.

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