Jewellery Business – Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selling Jewellery

Jewellery Business – Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selling Jewellery

There can be various reasons behind why you plan to sell your jewellery. Whatever be the reason, selling it requires a thorough understanding of several aspects such as cost and features of the jewellery, the venue selected for selling the jewellery, type of audience, etc. A wrong decision or inadequate knowledge can result in loss of money and your precious jewellery. Let us know about the mistakes and how to avoid them.

Over excitement

Don’t get excited at the first offer you get. Try different selling options such local jewellery shops and online stores. Allow more offers to come, analyse them and then choose the best offer. offers a fabulous collection of pearl jewellery for women that express beauty, personality and class of a woman in the most elegant way.

Forgetting to take a bill

It is very important to take the bill when you sell jewellery. Gold stores generally melt the jewellery to remove any impurities. The gold available after this process is considered for deciding the overall price. A collection of a bill is necessary as it will state the details such as grams, prevalent rate, and the amount received from the selling of the net jewellery.

Not getting proper information about the dealer or customer


It is important to ask the dealer few important questions such as

  • The price they have fixed for each karat type,
  • Establishment of the dealer,
  • Do they require a purchase invoice?
  • The rate of jewellery at that particular day?
  • Mode of payment,
  • Any offers etc.

Not asking these questions can lead to possible losses.

It is very important to stay cool and patient when analysing the offers. Impatience can lead to losing great offers. So research well and take the time to choose a reliable customer, best price, and then make a wise decision.