Oral Hygiene and How You can Be Your Own Dentist

Oral Hygiene and How You can Be Your Own Dentist

Have you ever tried to find out what’s behind that white wall inside your mouth? Never actually thought about it, right? We actually don’t bother to think about our dental care as much as we do for other things. Our own negligence causes oral problems which results to our routine visit to local dentist. General dentistry is often known as the first line of oral defence. A general dentistry can involve from simple cleaning to complicated surgeries like crowning and fillings. A survey in Hong-Kong recently revealed that in the age group of 6-20, 6 in every 10 person were not having sound dental health. Gum problems and sensitivity were found to be the most common diseases among the children. Only brushing your teeth is not enough; Oral health actually goes beyond it. Gums, the upper and lower jaw, oral mucosa, the tongue, the uvula, salivary glands, and the frenulum also play a vital role in the speech and digestion process in our body.Related image

Be Your Own Dentist

The busy holiday season may disrupt your daily routines but at this part of the year it is very important to remember or should I say it’s necessary to look after our teeth. This is because holiday get-togethers always tend to the consumption of sugary treats, wines, and alcoholic beverages which have high amount of chemicals and acids that can cause dental issues. Many people are often familiar with the simple dentistry as they perform the basic general dentistry that must be done to qualify the basic dental hygiene. The simple jobs that you can do to be your own doctor are from brushing twice a day to flossing regularly and gargling twice a week.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Yes, it’s always better to prevent things from happening than to face the consequences and repent later. The following are some tips and tricks that will not only help you to keep your mouth in well condition but also help you to eat anything:-

  1. To decrease the risk of damaging your teeth from drinking red and white wine, which have high amount of acidic elements and can eat away your tooth’s, refrain swishing wine inside your mouth and try to drink glasses of water in between to rinse the acid out from your teeth.
  2. Want to eat cookies but fear that germs will attack your mouth? Well don’t worry, try eating sugarless gums every time you eat something sweet. Eating gum activates the salivary glands to produce more saliva and this results in washing away the bacteria.
  3. Cannot enjoy your ice cream to the fullest because of your sensitivity problem? Try practicing gargling at least thrice a week. Gargling hot water (with salt) reduces 90% of the sensitivity problems.
  4. Clean your teeth daily or at least alternate days with floss. The food particles that get stuck between the teeth always have the major role in all the dental problems.

Last but not least, the same old saying – brush twice a day. Whether you are in Asia or America or anywhere in the world, all the dentists suggest the same conventional method to brush twice a day. Do it honestly, and consider yourself free from any kind of diseases in the future.

So, next time you go brushing or flossing your teeth just try to observe the various parts of your mouth that lies farther inside your oral cavity. It is not only interesting to know the systems inside which facilitate oral health but also you will be encouraged to maintain it. Take care of your oral hygiene and be confident at dealing people!

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Stephen Heyer discusses about the significance of oral health and shares tips to becoming your own doctor. He, however, stresses on the basics in order to become a self-trained dentist.

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