Pre planning your funeral

Pre planning your funeral

Pre planning a funeral means planning your own funeral before you die. Pre planning of funeral involves various steps that need to be fulfilled and taken so that your funeral will be done according to your wish and desires. These steps involve writing your will, designing the funeral, and making payment for your own funeral. There are many funeral homes which provide this facility.

Why is it important?

Funeral pre planning is done in order to take the financial burden off from your loved ones shoulders. You loved ones need not to make any kind of payments or extra expenses on your funeral as these funeral homes have already been paid. They also do not have to worry about planning your funeral. With pre planning, your funeral will be done in the same way as you have wished for.Image result for Pre planning your funeral

How to pre plan the funeral?

Funeral pre planning comprises of few simple steps which are mentioned below.

  • Writing the will: You can write your will with the help of a lawyer. You will also need two witnesses who will sign your will. You can also appoint an executor who will administer the proceedings of your funeral.
  • Planning the funeral: You can plan your funeral type, whether you wish to get buried or cremated. Each funeral is done in its own way. You can mention whether you want to get buried underground or on the ground. The casket will be arranged by the funeral homes. In cremation, you need to specify certain location where your ashes should be scattered.
  • Payment plan: The cost of funeral is big so you can select the payment plan which fits best for you. The cost of your funeral entirely depends upon the features that you have selected.

You can contact Huntsville funeral home Legacy Chapel at 256-325-5011 to pre plan your funeral.

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