Reasons for Motorcycle Accident and How to Avoid Them

Reasons for Motorcycle Accident and How to Avoid Them

Motorcycle riding is full of thrill, fun and excitement. Youngsters consider motorcycle riding time saving, cool, and fuel efficient. But no matter how much fun motorcycle riding is, the danger associated with it cannot be ignored. Motorcycle accident is increasing in number by leaps and bounds. The statistic of motorcycle accidental injuries and death is shocking and sad. In case of motorcycle accident, the possibility of serious injuries is more than any other vehicles.

Motorcycle accident can occur due to various reasons.

  1. A head on collision with other vehicle in a junction.
  2. Overtaking vehicles without proper knowledge of the available space to do so.
  3. Unable to calculate the shape and size of the bend and ending up in braking and falling from motorcycle.
  4. Losing control of the motorcycle and braking suddenly in demanding situation like bad weather, poor road, and tricky circumstances for speed control is dangerous.
  5. Personal ignorance like drinking alcohol or dizziness may also cause accidents.
  6. A sudden left turn by a car and changing lane can cause a massive accident.
  7. Hit by other vehicle form behind may cause serious injury to motorcyclist.Image result for Reasons for Motorcycle Accident and How to Avoid Them

Tips to avoid motorcycle accident

We know that accident is unintentional and unexpected but taking safety measure can prevent many accidents and also lessen the impact of damage.

  1. Be well prepared for the ride, take professional training and get confidence to control the adverse situation.
  2. Wear proper riding accessories like helmet, bike jacket, gloves, etc. to reduce serious injuries.
  3. Avoid driving while drinking or illness.
  4. It is true that speed give thrills but it also kills, so it’s good to avoid riding in high speed.
  5. Do not share lane with cars.
  6. Have proper knowledge of weather, road, and condition of your motorcycle before driving. Check the tire, gear, horn, light or other machinery parts.
  7. Be alert of the traffic coming from all the sides and keep distance from other vehicles.
  8. Keep your headlight on while driving and use horn as often as required.

But in spite of taking all possible precaution, you might become a victim of an accident due to negligence on someone else’s part. If that happens, then along with medical attention, you should also seek legal advice from an attorney. You can claim compensation for your medical expenses and other losses related to the accident.

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