Start Your Rewarding Career as an Electrician with a Certified Training Provider

Start Your Rewarding Career as an Electrician with a Certified Training Provider

Are you ready for an exciting new career? Or are you ready to start a career for the first time? If you enjoy working in construction or with electricity, you can broaden your career horizon by attending training to gain the electrotechnology qualifications you need to start an apprenticeship as an electrician. Through your coursework, you will learn and gain qualifications that are included on the New South Wales Skills List for an electrician, including how to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair, and maintain low voltage electrical systems and electrical equipment. Your coursework will also meet the national Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) requirements for an unrestricted electrician’s license. With its inclusion in the NSW Skills List, you will qualify for NSW government subsidies to help you pay for training.

Why Become an Electrician?

Electricians, or “sparkies” as they’re sometimes called, are in high demand in Australia, and in New South Wales in particular. On a daily basis, you and millions of other Australians interact with tools, equipment, devices, systems, and an environment that use electricity to function. It’s only logical that any of these systems or devices will need a source of electrical power and, at some point, maintenance or repair work so that they continue to operate smoothly and problem-free. Electricians are valuable to Australians in providing installation, maintenance, and repair service on both existing systems and new construction projects, so it is only reasonable to expect that the demand for the services of electricians will remain, and even grow, far into the future.


Your electrician courses and training will give you the qualifications and skills you need to start your career as an electrician. While there are no formal prerequisites to entry-level electrotechnology coursework, you should enjoy problem solving and working with your hands, have some mechanical aptitude, and have access to an environment in which you can complete your training and practice skills. Upon completing your training, you will have obtained the basic skills and qualifications you need to meet the national ERAC requirements to qualify for an unrestricted electrician’s license. You will also have attained part of the requirements you need to qualify for the Electrician Qualified Supervisor’s Certificate, which qualifies you to work unsupervised on low voltage equipment and wiring and to supervise other workers in the same application. To become a licensed electrician in Australia, you generally must complete a four-year apprenticeship with an employer while you receive the formal and practical training and skills you will need in your career as an electrician. During your apprenticeship, you need to take a number of structured training classes with a certified training provider, and upon completion of training, you may apply for your licence.

Finding an Apprenticeship

The best way to find an apprenticeship is to tap into your own network by talking to the people you know who work in construction or as an electrician, or even those you know who regularly require the services of an electrician. You may also find apprenticeship opportunities in your local neighbourhood by visiting local electrical companies to find out if they have any apprenticeships available, or by looking for the same online. If you have a particular training provider already selected, your instructors or classmates are sure to be an additional resource.

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