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Attachments To Help Grow Your Landscape Business

Increasingly, many landscapers need new ways to grow their business are turning to compact utility loaders, also known as mini skid steers, to help them kick-start their efforts.

Why a small utility loader? Its large and variety number of attachments make it a great machine as there is on the market. It’s also a productivity booster.small_excavator

Let’s say you are planting a tree as part of a project. Maybe this is a new offering by your company, or maybe you’ve been doing it but with a tool like a planting bar or even a shovel.

With a utility loader, a contractor can attach an auger bit to dig the hole and then haul the tree from a truck and into position with a tree fork attachment.

“You’re talking about a dramatic difference in the amount of time and effort it takes to do that with a compact utility loader compared with actually hauling that tree and root ball and placing it in a hand-dug hole,” says Jay John, commercial business manager  Landscape installation & design at Qualityviews.

Here’s a little bonus feature for you. If that tree is going in a fenced-in backyard, a contractor can use a compact utility loader that fits through a standard 34-inch gate, whereas a larger piece of equipment either would be useless or require taking the time and expense to remove portions of the fence and then put them back up after the job is over.

The product manager for Landscape installation & design at Qualityviews, share five attachments that can help landscape contractors grow their businesses.

  1. AUGER BIT — The potential for adding trees to a landscape company’s repertoire has already been mentioned, but auger bits can dig holes for all kinds of purposes. Fence posts, poles and even basketball hoop installations are all possibilities.
  2. TRENCHER — Irrigation is often treated as a specialty in the landscape industry. With a trencher attachment, however, a landscape business that has traditionally focused on green space can expand into this service. It also can be used to cut a trench for utilities for outdoor lighting.
  3. BUCKETS AND FORKS — These may be the most basic attachments, but their potential to help landscape contractors is immense. Just think of hardscaping. The material used is often heavy, such as retaining walls, pavers and rock. Rather than moving that with a wheelbarrow or even by hand, a compact utility loader can lift more and get it from point A to point B with less effort than manual labor.