The Advantages of Buying an Extended Warranty For Your Land Rover

The Advantages of Buying an Extended Warranty For Your Land Rover

“No one has ever described the place where I have just arrived: this is the emotion that makes me want to travel. It is one of the greatest reasons to go anywhere.” – Paul Theroux, The Pillars of Hercules.


Are you considering purchasing a new or new-to-you Land Rover? Are you planning on exploring the Great Australian Outback, or are you dreaming about traveling around the globe in your trusty Land Rover? Apart from the considerations of which model to purchase and whether to procure a new or used vehicle, it is important to decide whether to buy an extended warranty from Warranty and Insurance.

Extended Warranty Insurance

Before we look at the advantages of an extended warranty, let’s have a look at what an extended warranty is and how it differs from a manufacturer’s warranty.

According to Wikipedia, an extended warranty is “a prolonged warranty offered to consumers in addition to the standard warranty on new items.” A manufacturer’s warranty is only applicable to new vehicles, and it is the guarantee offered by the vehicle’s maker that covers you for replacement of your vehicle’s major parts for the first couple of years that the car is on the road.

For example, if your Land Rover’s gearbox breaks within 6 months of having purchased it, the manufacturer will replace the gearbox as part of its standard warranty. One the other hand, once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired and you have not taken out an extended warranty, you will be liable to pay for the gearbox repairs yourself.

Advantages of purchasing an extended warranty

There are several advantages to purchasing an extended warranty for your Land Rover. Some of the most significant benefits are:

Cover of expensive engine components

Major vehicle parts are very expensive; ergo, being forced to pay for the repairs to, or replacement of any major Land Rover part, will more than likely cripple you financially. If you take out an extended warranty for your vehicle, it will cover the costs of repairing or replacing these car parts.

Increase the value of the Land Rover

Should you sell your current Land Rover, in order to purchase and upgraded model, your vehicle will be worth more if an extended warranty is sold along with the car. An extended warranty plan belongs to the vehicle and not the owner of the vehicle, ergo, it can be sold along with the vehicle. It does not expire when the vehicle’s ownership changes hands.

Your car can be cared for properly

When you are considering whether to purchase a used Land Rover, it is worth looking at a vehicle that is sold with an existing extended warranty. Essentially, an extended warranty indicates that the vehicle has been looked after by its previous owner. You will also be able to look after your vehicle without taking shortcuts if you purchase an extended warranty.

Final words

I believe that the advantages of purchasing an extended warranty plan for your new or used Land Rover is well worth the expense. The next step is to decide how much cover you are prepared to pay for (and can afford). Consequently, you will find the best Land Rover extended warranty prices at Warranty and Insurance. With a Land Rover extended warranty as your backup, you can relax and enjoy travelling across the Australian Outback and across the world should you choose to.

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