Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Laser Engraving Business

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Laser Engraving Business

So, you think you’re interested in starting a laser engraving business to cash in on the personalization industry. Before you get started, here are some things you need to know.

The pros:

  • You get to show off your arts and crafts side.
  • You get to be your own boss.

It’s good to show off your creative side and be your boss. You get to make your own hours and there’s no one to tell you how to do your job.

The cons:

  • It’s hard to start any business, but the laser industry is harder.
  • You’re a one man or woman business without employees at the start.

As a one-person business, you are the one doing all the work to get it off the ground. If you don’t show up to do the work, nothing gets made, therefore nothing gets sold, which equals no revenue.

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Questions to ask yourself before you start a laser engraving business:

  • Are you creative?
  • Can you sell your services?
  • Are you a problem-solver?

If you can’t answer yes to every question, not even one “no” is acceptable, then you should probably reassess your business plan. That doesn’t mean you should give up on laser engraving if that’s your dream, but you will certainly have to tweak your skills before getting started.

Key pieces of equipment you’ll need to start a laser engraving business:

Just like any business, you need the right tools, supplies, and equipment. The crucial part of your business will be the laser system.

What to consider:

  • Wattage of the machine
  • Engraving area size on the machine
  • The types of materials you will be engraving
  • The sizes of materials you will be engraving

The types and sizes of the materials you intend to engrave will determine the engraving area size and wattage of the machine.

Determine the computer and graphics software compatibilities for your system before investing. The manufacturer of laser machine usually offers their software with the system at the time of purchase. Remember to ask if your laser machine is compatible with other, third-party programs.

Your laser machine may also be compatible with several accessories, but be careful not to get so excited that you buy something you won’t need or use for a while. The essentials are the best place to start with accessories. You can add new accessories as you grow your business.

How will you make money with laser engraving?

Laser systems are capable of engraving and etching on all kinds of materials like metal, wood, glass, and more. You can make custom and personalized engraved items for your customers. You can go to restaurant owners, businesses that needs signs, and other industries that require certain custom products.

Once you have your equipment and you know what you want to do to make money, you must have clients. That’s when you put on your sales person hat and make connections, network, and get your brand known at trade shows and conferences. You have to make it happen because it’s your business and no one else can or will do it for you.

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