To Sleep or Not to Sleep? That is the Question for Entrepreneurs

To Sleep or Not to Sleep? That is the Question for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and sleepless nights are often thought of as a package deal. If you want to be successful, you have to work long hours and be willing to sacrifice at all costs, right? Not necessarily.

While it’s certainly true that entrepreneurs have to work hard to make noise in a crowded marketplace, it shouldn’t necessarily cut into one’s rest; productivity tends to suffer as a result. It’s easy to get caught up in exceedingly long days, but here are a few reasons you should rethink those sleepless nights. In fact, your business may thank you for it.

The Numerous Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is scientifically proven to make people feel more focused and productive throughout the day. When someone is well-rested, productivity occurs naturally. Waking up in the morning fully recharged sets the right tone for completing tasks with ease and efficiency.

An article found on The New York Times entitled Relax! You’ll Be More Productive” explains how workers who don’t sufficiently recharge their batteries (with many of them having only rested six or fewer hours) were far more likely to experience burnout. This makes sense considering how it’s much more difficult to remain alert when feeling exhausted.

How to Prioritize Rest

In a world of endless to-do lists, it’s no wonder how certain things people know are healthy can fall to the wayside. One approach that works for many is to set daily work limits and delegate time for nightly rest. It’s helpful to have a basic concept of the amount of time that each daily task will consume. For some, scheduling when to set work aside for the day or evening along with set bed and wake times is highly reliable.

Despite business always being in the back of one’s mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to set precise hours. Perhaps calls past a certain time of night can go to voicemail (unless they pertain to an emergency, of course). Having a custom and detailed greeting on a work phone will communicate these boundaries. Soon this day-to-day mindset will become routine like anything else. Taking care of clients, customers and employees is done most effectively when the entrepreneur has also looked after themselves.

Research  conducted on “What Time Does America Go To Bed?” indicates most Americans are not getting 8 hours of sleep per night. It suggests that selecting appropriate lighting, blacking out windows, sticking with cool tones for painted walls, high quality linens and creating a pleasant aroma (with lavender being the top recommendation) can all aid in having a more restful night.

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Sleep for the Win

Despite entrepreneurship requiring a great deal of one’s time, the verdict is in, and it’s time to start taking sleep more seriously. Being well-rested allows business owners  to think with greater clarity and stop burnout in its tracks. In a busy society it may feel nearly impossible to set aside the time for enough slumber, but your health and your business will thank you for it in the long run.

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